What could Wonder Grottole be for you?

che cosa e wonder grottole copertina

Every one of us has an idea of what Wonder Grottole could become, every one of us is thinking about how he could contribute to the transformation of Grottole in ‘Wonder Grottole’, but we are sure that we all have different images in mind. And this is the beauty of the project. Nothing has been decided, how Wonder Grottole will turn out to be will depend of the people who will contribute, and their ideas. Everything is in development, every participant is co-developer of the project and will leave his mark.

But let’s take a step back to understand what Wonder Grottole means for us:

che cosa è wonder grottole
Wonder Grottole is for us a space for conversation, for being together, to create relationships, to develop creativity and to experiment in new productivity.  Wonder Grottole is a combination of a residence, of a place of conviviality and a location for workshops, in the historic center of Grottole, close by Matera – Basilicata, European Capital of Culture 2019.
Wonder Grottole connects the existing human and resourceful capital with new people, new ways of handling things, new points of view and ideas to regenerate the old village and to create opportunities. A heritage of culture, traditions and stories to get into, use, make your own and pass on.
And for you? What could Wonder Grottole be for you? Share your ideas with us here
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