Stefano Mirti and different ways of living

999 domande Stefano Mirti

“The subject is living, innovation and the way we live. The innovation concerns three axes: technology, customs and society. Nowadays we have access to things that we didn’t have before, for example wi-fi and sophisticated technological instruments. Than customs are evolving: my parents would have never dreamt about renting out a room in their house to a stranger, or even less about renting temporary a room in a stranger’s house. But now also my parents like Airbnb! So suddenly customs change.

And than there is also the social aspect. In Milan there are, for example, hundreds of thousands singles, people who live alone for a variety of reasons. The house has always been a model for a family, so if the composition of the family changes, the house also changes.”

This is what Stefano Mirti says during the Triennale of Milan at the exhibition “999 questions about contemporary living”. The project Wonder Grottole works around different ways of living: reflecting about and inventing new ways to revitalize abbandoned houses and use the historical center of Grottole in an alternative way.

stefano mirti
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