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Its a wonderful village in Southern Italy with 1.800 inhabitants, in the province of Matera (Basilicata). Today its historical centre has 300 inhabitants and 629 abandoned houses. Inhabited since prehistoric times, in the last sixty years nearly all of its inhabitants left in search of work in cities or abroad.

What’s Wonder Grottole?

It is a space for conversation, for being together, for creating relationships, for developing creativity and experimenting new productivity. Residences, places of conviviality and workshops. In the historic center of Grottole, Matera – Basilicata, European Capital of Culture 2019.

What is it for?

Wonder Grottole connects the existing capital, human and resourceful, with new people, new ways of doing things, point of view and ideas to regenerate the old village and create opportunities. A heritage of culture, traditions, and stories to know closely, use, tell and pass on.

How to partecipate?

We buy abandoned buildings in the historic center, we restructure them and transform them into residences, places of conviviality and workshops. Support the crowdfunding campaign (live on Indiegogo until the 30th of April) to reserve one or more days a year at Wonder Grottole for 10 years or participate in the time bank to exchange an experience with activities / skills / services.

Time Banking Crowdfunding

Wonder Grottole