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  • Grottole

    It is a beautiful Italian village of 1,800 inhabitants at the top of the Lucania hills, in the province of Matera (Basilicata). Today its historic center has 300 inhabitants and 629 abandoned houses. Inhabited since prehistoric times, in the last 60 years, most of its inhabitants have gone, in search of work, to other cities or abroad.

  • Wonder Grottole

    It’s an experimental project bringing together people from all over the world to build new relationships, and create new solutions for agriculture, tourism, business and new housing within the local community.
    In Grottole, southern Italy, 30 km from Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019. It’s a place for you to share your skills and knowledge, to absorb the culture and traditions of the region and contribute to the growth of the local community.
    Here at Wonder Grottole, our goal is to revive the historic center of the village. We’re cultivating a community which connects locals with skilled people from all over the world in order to renovate abandoned houses, exchange skills and reestablish the local economy.
    Join us! Wonder Grottole will provide everything you need for a comfortable stay and a collaborative community for you to dive into. Bring your ideas, share your knowledge, and experiment with new projects. We can’t wait to collaborate with you!

  • Who we are

    Wonder Grottole

    Wonder Grottole is a Social enterprise.
    The company’s object is urban regeneration. By urban regeneration we mean the actions of recovery and redevelopment of pre-existing settlements subject to degradation, which actions have a focus on sustainability, to the protection of the landscape and the environment and the enhancement of the heritage cultural heritage. The company wants in particular to operate in areas of the Italian hinterland, subject to depopulation. Essential element of the modality of intervention of the society is the valorisation of local energies, therefore the involvement of the communities of reference to the areas involved.
    We’re inspired to bring design to more rural areas through these projects because we believe it is important to generate new ideas in areas far from design centers and to renew “timeless” traditions. There is a need to draw the future (as John Thackara, art curator of Matera Design), and to confront the relationship between immaterial design, contemporary living and regeneration is a great challenge and an opportunity for designers.

    Andrea Paoletti – President and Founder
    An architect and entrepreneur, Andrea transforms drab buildings into unique spaces.
    With experience working and living in a number of different countries including the UK, USA, China, Mexico, and Chile, he ultimately decided to return to his home country to develop and explore the concept of rural coworking. In 2012, in partnership with Mariella Stella, Andrea founded Casa Netural. A coworking/living space where people come together to find community and turn unconventional ideas into viable enterprises.

    Stefano Mirti – Associate and Art Director
    Among other accoldaids, Stefano is a 3-time winner of the European prize for Architecture and a 2004 Italian Republic Bronze Medalist in the field of culture. His work has been published in various international magazines and exhibited in some of the most important institutions in the world (Victoria and Albert Museum, Biennale di Venezia, Triennale di Milano, Architecture Biennale Beijing and others). For the past 10 years, he has taught design at universities around the world from Tokyo to Milan. He regularly curates exhibitions and collaborates with other designers and architects to create beauty and functionality within the wider community.

    Silvio Donadio – Associate and Local Community Manager
    Passionate about culture, innovative tourism and the revitalization of rural villages, he has been working in these fields for 15 years both with local associations and as a delegate to the culture sector at the Municipality of Grottole. He deals with relationships with local authorities, communication management and institutional correspondence.

    Valentina La Terza – Associate

    Valentina La Terza – Associate

    John Thackara – Social Design Curator
    For more than thirty years John Thackara has traveled the world in his search of communities taking practical steps to realize a sustainable future. He curates their stories online (in the widely-read blog) and in books (best-seller In the Bubble: Designing In A Complex World (MIT Press) and How To Thrive In The Next Economy). He doesn’t lose track of the communities, though, organizing festivals and events which bring them together to share their experience. John is a journalist and editor by trade, a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art, in London, and a Fellow of Musashino Art University in Japan. John organizes knowledge-sharing conferences and festivals for social innovators.