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Wonder Grottole is more than a cultural destination.

It’s an experimental project bringing together people from all over the world to build new relationships, and create new solutions for agriculture, tourism, business, and housing within the local community of Grottole. It’s a place for you to share your skills and knowledge, to absorb the culture and traditions of the region and contribute to the growth of the local community. In Grottole, southern Italy, 30 km from Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019.

Our Goal is to revive the historic center of Grottole. We’re doing this by cultivating a community of skilled people from all over the world in order to work alongside locals to renovate abandoned houses, exchange skills and reestablish the local economy.

Join us!

Wonder Grottole will provide everything you need for a comfortable stay plus a collaborative community to boost your creativity. Bring your ideas, share your knowledge, and experiment with new, innovative projects. We can’t wait to collaborate with you!

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